What is Hemstitched flannel?

Adding a crochet border to a flannel baby blanket and burp cloth makes a great personalized gift any new mom would love. All you need is a hemstitched blanket set, a crochet hook (size 6-7 works best) and crochet thread. We offer Booklets that illustrate how to crochet on flannel hemstitched blankets.

We sell thousands of these kits (blanket & burpcloth sets). We selected quality flannel print tops then add a coordinating flannel back. We have a special HEMSTITCHED EDGE sewn around each blanket and burp cloth. Hemstitching is done by special commercial sewing machines (sorry most of you can't do this at home) that makes reinforced holes spaced evenly around the edge. Most orders are shipped within 24 hrs on UPS or USPS.

Example of hemstitched flannel blanket

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Hemstitched flannel without crochet Hemstitched flannel with crocheted edge

Samples of crochet edges used on a hemstitched flannel blankets

Example of hemstitched flannel burp cloth

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Sample of crochet edges used on flannel hemstitched blankets
Different yarns will give you a different effect

We offer several Booklets in our store that illustrate & teach beginners, intermediate and advanced crocheters how to crochet an edge onto a hemstitched flannel blanket or burp cloth. Each book contains several patterns for you to choose from.