Pre-Bind a Quilt

Pre-Bind a Quilt, Pillow-case method

1. Lay Batting out on a flat surface larger than your quilt.

2. Layer front and back fabrics with right sides together (facing each other) on top of the batting.

3. Pin around the edge of your quilt about every 5" - making sure you catch the fabric & batting. (Make sure you do not stretch the batting as you pin or sew, ease into it. Too much batting is better than not enough.)

4. Sew around your quilt as shown in diagram A., leaving a 15"-20" opening.

5. Trim seam, clip corners.

6. Turn right side out (inside out with the fabric on the outside & batting in the middle).

7. Slip stitch or top stitch the opening.

8. Optional: Pin around the outside edges, making sure the seam is PULLED out as far as
possible. Then top stitch ½" - 1" around the entire quilt. This helps the edge of your quilt to lay flat.

9. Tie or tack your quilt as desired.


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