Blind Stitch

 International Stitch or Blind Tie (Stitch) :

This technique for tying quilts eliminates the tied ends from showing, which prevents the ties
from coming undone. This also give it a clean bar tacked look on both sides of the quilt.

Select either Knit Crosheen or a sport weight yarn.

Use a polyester bonded batt.

You will need a 5"-7 ½" inch doll needle (available at the Fabric Mill)

1. Begin by setting the quilt on a frame or you can use a hoop.

2. Thread the needle so the ends are even. Pick out a 3"-4" pattern on the quilt to place the ties. (If the fabric doesn't have a pattern, there are quilt marking systems available.)

3. To begin making ties, insert the threaded needle through the top layer of fabric into the batting (but not through the bottom layer of fabric) 3"- 4" away from the first tie.

4. Bring the needle up through the top at the spot of the first tie. Pull the Crosheen (yarn) up,
leaving a 3"-4" tail inside the batting. DON'T PULL THE TAIL OUT!

5. a. Staying near the point the needle came up, poke the needle down through the top fabric, batting & bottom fabric. b. Take a small stitch and bring the needle back up through all 3 layers. The stitch should be about ½" long.

6. Take the needle back into the batting (not through the bottom fabric layer) and bring the needle up through the fabric to the next spot to tie.

7. Repeat the process until you run out of Crosheen (yarn) or finish the quilt.

8. To tie off tunnel through the batting 3"-4" then pull the needle up through the top. Cut the
thread leaving a 3"-4" tail inside the batting.

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